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19 / Girl


  • 2012-04-14
  • 14
  • 125
  • 2012
  • Painting
  • Watercolour
  • People


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smoke, end, ashes, to, comfort, atom, nuclear


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Ashes to Ashes.

- Ashes to Ashes. -

Description by Undertaker

I dearly apologize for the bad quality :( ____________________________________________ ~ No sound crosses the room. Everything stays silent, as you break down. The wind sings the song of death. Smoke rises into the sky. The flames are burning each other, until there is nothing to burn. Life completely burned out. The average human knows a lot, Just because it learns to do so Names this and that Knows an answer to anything Competes with others Wants to stand outta\' the crowd Works hard to put others into shadows Calls itself a scholar and an individual Wants to buy the time and stop it Until its life forfeids And in the end, nothing stays but dust. - TasteOfTheBlackRose -

  • custos

    custos 2012-04-15 09:56:42

    Rather gruesome, but I mean it in a positive, appreciative way - very much moving, especially together with the music!